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A single plant in the middle of snow
Do you stand out in a crowd?
What do you see around you? All these people, heads bowed as they go about their business, hardly looking to the left or the right. Stand out!
A man looking at many graphics on the wall
Market research has come a long way
Today, market research has much more sophisticated methods to find out what consumers think and, just as importantly, how they behave.
A gate locked by a chain locker
How secure is your business?
What is the long-term sustainability of your business? Are you confident that its model will continue to be successful over the next years.
A blank business card
How to create a company name?
If you have dreams beyond tomorrow, you’re going to need a company name with a unique flavour and impact that can be adapted for your domain name.
4 people in a meeting
The language of interaction
Change your approach to people by listening more closely to what they’re saying. Some kind of language and attitude kills innovation.
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