Pepsi Cola – Brand story

Brand story

Pepsi creation: In 1893, an American drug store owner, Caleb Bradham, invented a carbonated soft drink to sell from the soda fountain in his store. He called it Brad’s Drink.


Five years later, with sales booming, Caleb decided he needed a more dynamic name for his product so, based on the two main ingredients, pepsin and kola nuts, he created Pepsi-Cola.

At the height of the Great Depression in 1931 the company went bankrupt, largely due to reckless speculation on the sugar market.

The assets were ultimately acquired by Charles Guth, president & CEO of Loft Inc, a candy manufacturer with retail stores that had soda fountains. He sought to replace Coca-Cola in those stores as the company had refused to give him discounts on their product.

Today, Pepsi is outsold by Coke in most countries of the world, though the margin is close. The Coca-Cola Company refused offers to buy its closest rival three times between 1922 and 1933.

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