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The language of negotiation. A silk and carpet trader in a Turkish market.
Negotiation – Learning the language
A negociação é uma barganha posicional, cada lado tenta argumentar por sua posição até que o acordo seja feito ou uma das partes vá embora.
A girl with their head over the table full of crumpled paper
Résumé – Getting yours right
A study revealed that 68% of people responsible for hiring staff spent less than two minutes reading each résumé they receive.
A man standing up in a meeting room looking through the window
The elevator pitch
Sometimes we are in a situation where we can grab an opportunity to give a sales pitch.These are invariably very small windows so what to do?
A hand holding a lamp in a format of brain
If brainstorming in your business or organization has become a little ho-hum, this will breathe new life into your meetings.
A drawing of a woman worried
A quick word on stress
We all suffer from stress at work. When it’s our stress we know how it affects us, but how does it affect the people around us?
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