Jobs of the future, are you ready for them?

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Are you ready for the job of the future?

According to research published recently in Forbes magazine, there are several key industries in which job opportunities, for the jobs of the future, will increase dramatically over the next three years.

Here are the main findings jobs of the future:

Medical care

Demand for doctors, nurses, medical administrators and home-carers for aged or infirm patients is climbing, especially as the world’s population ages. As new medical treatment and procedures are developed, more and more people will be required to manage them.

Retail sales

Long established retailers are restructuring their businesses to compete with new entrants in shopping malls and online. Skilful retail sales executives will find their services in high demand, especially if they can communicate sincerely and persuasively.

Customer service representatives

Service is very often the only real difference between products these days. Providing world-class service to customers will increasingly be viewed as a valuable competitive advantage. Training and ability in this field will open up a variety of employment opportunities.

Logistics experts

Product distribution is becoming incredibly complex, with the rise of online marketing and the disappearance of international trade boundaries. Both of these factors will be emphasized over the next few years. This will increase the demand for intelligent logistics and for the people to create and manage the systems.

Jobs of the future

All these opportunities share one common factor: the need for highly effective communication.

As the language of business, it is important for you to be fluent in English. Without this essential skill, many doors will close and career mobility and opportunities for growth will be limited.

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