Point of View – See the other other person’s point of view

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See the other point of view

If you call someone and say, “We’ve just launched a new desktop printer that does 75 colour copies a minute,” you’re missing the point. That’s your story. What about the other point of view?

What’s the story for the client point of view?

Think about it. You’ll have the other person’s attention for only a few seconds. They don’t want to hear about you, they want to hear about them.

So what’s the big deal about your printer? Is 75 copies a minute quicker than anyone else’s printer? Let’s say it is. What does that mean to a potential customer?

Spending less time printing documents gives them extra time to do more important things. So the speed of your printer will make them more efficient.

How much more will depend on whether your machine is significantly quicker.  If it is, avoid the temptation to say, “Ours is the fastest printer in its class,” because that’s about you again.

If your opening line is, “I can guarantee to make you at least ten per cent more productive every day,” you’ll gain an enough to time to follow up with: “I can save you time on your printing and, as we all know. time is money – two of the most precious assets in business today.”

The lesson is, always see things from the other person’s point of view, especially if you want them to understand what you have to offer.

Always approach your business negotiations in this way: understand the other person’s self-interest and make it your priority too.

Review your major communication tools: website, promotional emails, advertising, scripted or recorded phone calls and so on, and make sure they’re all focused on the needs and interests of others, specially customers.

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