Using internal communication to encourage creativity

Using internal communication to encourage creativity
Using internal communication to encourage creativity

How internal communication can be used to encourage creativity? In the marketing world, major clients spend millions, sometimes billions, of dollars on communicating with their current and prospective customers. What is often overlooked in the rush to create impact in the public media is the audience inside the organization.

Typically, external communications will include advertising in various traditional media (print, television, radio, billboards and so on) as well as on digital platforms like websites and social media.

Of course, employees will see their company’s media campaign both at the launch to staff (you do launch your campaigns to staff, don’t you?) and, of course, when the advertising runs in the media.

Using internal communication to encourage creativity

Hopefully, your advertising and marketing has the creative power to motivate your people to apply imaginative thinking to their regular work projects. Here are some more ways you can help:

Encourage the importance of ideas

Many people create their best ideas in small groups. Get these groups together. Let them create names for each group, perhaps inspired by sports teams, movie characters or comic heroes.

They should create their own colors and insignia, organize a league table where groups move up or down based on the quantity and quality of their ideas.

Speak to them through emails, intranet campaigns, posters, desk drops. To help them understand the creative process, use inspirations such as these:

Think Creatively
To Think Creatively


  • Identify workers who have leadership potential and let them pick their internal marketing teams. Three to five team members is usually enough.
  • Encourage them to organize their teams and help them to develop their idea-generating objectives.
  • Set up a system of rewards and incentives and slowly introduce real company challenges they can solve.
  • Make sure they’re easily grasped and relate to the organization’s core interests.
  • Encourage the teams to meet regularly and that the league tables are maintained if you decide to use them.
  • Whenever a prize-winning idea is submitted, give it maximum exposure .

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