A Few Simple Tips to Help You With Difficult Decisions

A Few Wimple Tips to Help You With Difficult Decisions

Whether it’s a difficult decision that affects only you or several of your friends, family or colleagues, try these simple techniques.

Impose a time limit. Many business leaders will call their executive team together and give them a deadline to make a difficult decision or have one imposed on them.

Don’t over-analyze or get trapped in the details. Imagine you’re a helicopter pilot looking at the problem from their air. Focus on the big picture.

Visualize various solutions. Play them out in your mind as though you were watching a TV drama unfold. Consider any unintended consequences before you make the call.

Scholar, author and adviser to four US presidents, Warren G Bennis, said: “The manager asks how and when. The leader asks what and why.”

The answers will point you in the right direction.

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