After the pandemic, which businesses will thrive?

After the pandemic, which businesses will thrive?

Based on the latest research these are the businesses will thrive after the pandemic:

  1. Healthcare: governments and businesses will do everything they can to protect the health of their workforce.
  2. Collaboration technology: Zoom shares have grown by 120% since the start of the pandemic. New developments in this sphere are coming to market soon.
  3. Online gaming and entertainment: as long as fear of crowded indoor spaces remains, expect this sector to keep on booming.
  4. Remote learning. People working from home find they have unexpected blocks of free time. Learning a new skill has never been easier or more necessary.
  5. Online retail: over 80% of US citizens are Amazon Prime members. Expect that number to keep growing globally.
  6. The car industry: fears of unhealthy public transport will remain. After the 2002 SARS epidemic, the auto industry was the first to recover. Expect more of the same this time.
    Whether you’re looking for a career change or an investment opportunity, these six industries are likely to be your best bet.

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