Now, you need your emotional intelligence skills more than ever

Now, you need your emotional intelligence skills more than ever.

Emotional intelligence at work usually creates unexpected results.

Famous management consultant Alan Weiss recounts a recent dinner with his wife at their favourite restaurant. The snow was falling quite heavily and Alan’s wife was a little unstable due to a recent hip operation. In the restaurant car park, the valet immediately went to Mrs Weiss’ assistance and helped her to navigate the thick snow safely. Throughout their dinner together, they couldn’t help noticing through the window that the valet cleared the snow from their windscreen several times. When they paid their bill, the valet was there again to help Alan’s wife across the snow. When they arrived at their car, they were delighted to see that the valet had started the engine a few minutes earlier and inside the car was warm and comfortable.

Had Alan mentioned the restaurant’s name, it would now be world famous. (Alan is a global consultant.) All because a young employee cared enough about his job and the restaurant’s customers and he knew how to show it.

When times are difficult, as they are now for most of us, a little extra care and consideration for others can create unexpected benefits later.

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